Part of SIOEN

We investst in strong R&D

Thanks to its own R&D team that develops new materials, methods, processes and applications, SIOEN has secured a strong market position. Knowledge of markets, know-how, the most effective test equipment and a high level of knowledge and expertise about norms and standards are only a few of our strengths.

R&D and innovation

Sioen Ballistics is constantly engaged in R&D and the development of unique and innovative solutions to meet the demands of our customers worldwide, We do this by utilizing and combining the expertise of the Sioen Engineering department with its broad range of textile testing equipment with the years of experience and customer knowledge within our body armour department.

Sioen Ballistics can rely on its highly capable and strong innovative R&D department from the Sioen Apparel division. ‘Protection through innovation’ is our Sioen corporate slogan. The ongoing research on new materials and technics is resulting in new innovative ideas which will be implemented into the future products from Sioen Ballistics:

  1. Different parameters like weight, flexibility and thickness are always a focus to improve our armour solutions.
  2. A higher comfort and improved heat and sweat management are the objectives on our textile carriers.
  3. The compatibility of the armour solution within the textile carrier will be tested to define the level of comfort of the final product. Sioen Ballistics has recently installed a standardized test circuit to make an objective evaluation by the wearer or the end user.

A big strength from SIOEN is the cross functional R&D: new innovation ideas from other market segments (fire fighters, chainsaw protection,..) are taken into account to use as new ideas within the Sioen Ballistics products.

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