Part of SIOEN

Part of Sioen

Sioen Ballistics, the producer of Torskin, is part of Sioen Apparel, Europe’s number one developer and provider of personal protective clothing. Sioen offers garments for any working condition. They protect against the harshest weather conditions, fire, chemicals, electric arc, and extreme cold.

Our products are worn by firefighters, police, people who work with chemicals, personnel of oil rigs, fishermen, foresters, etc. We understand what these people need and what problems they have to face day after day. Our specialized R&D department, the core of our organisation, knows the possibilities of the fabrics we work with and masters the norms and regulations in vigour for all technical apparel. By elaborating new products and combining fabrics, we develop the solutions our customers are looking for

Sioen Ballistics is part of Sioen Apparel and can rely on more than 50 years of experience in the production of technical clothing. Since 1960, the company has its headquarters in Belgium.

Sioen Apparel focusses on high quality clothing, specialised protective clothing and private label recreational clothing. In its domain, Sioen Apparel is European market leader, is active in more than 80 countries, employs over 2 800 persons in 8 countries.


  1. High quality products according to the latest standards.
  2. A large product portfolio
  3. Innovative solutions for your special requests
  4. Technical expertise and intensive Research and development
  5. Dedicated customer service- and sales teams
  6. Strong brands
  7. Ethical & Ecological charter
  8. Our reputation as a trustworthy partner
  9. Strong foundations as a financially healthy company
  10. Vertically integrated


Sioen Apparel is one of the three divisions of Sioen Industries (founded in 1960). Apart from Sioen Apparel, there are two other divisions: Sioen Coating, world leader in coated technical textiles and Sioen Chemicals, specialised in fine chemicals.